Child Maltreatment Medical Curriculum

Co-editors: Aaron J. Miller, MD, MPA and Marilyn Kaufhold, MD

Goals of the Curriculum:

  • Improve the identification and medical treatment of children who have been abused and neglected
  • Increase communication, information exchange and networking among multidisciplinary professionals in local private and public agencies and organizations
  • Build and strengthen multi-disciplinary teams
  • Strengthen and expand existing services through more qualified professionals
  • Increase training of facilitators and number of trainers trained and engaged
This curriculum is designed in a level of detail and in a style that requires that it be delivered in-person by a physician who is recognized as an expert in child maltreatment. To only read the modules, or to have them taught by someone who is not a recognized expert in child maltreatment is not sufficient and could lead to a false sense of comfort and possible under- or over-diagnosis of abuse or neglect.

Facilitator Manual
Participant Manual
Baseline Survey
Course Review

I.  Child Maltreatment Overview (1 hour)
II. The Social and Developmental Impact of Child Maltreatment (1.5 hours)
        A.  The Social and Developmental Impact of Child Maltreatment (1 hour) 
        B.  Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Brain Development (0.5 hours)
III. Taking a Medical History in Child Maltreatment (2.5 hours) 
        A.  Taking a Medical History From Caregivers (1 hour)
        B.  Taking a Medical History From Children (1.5 hours)
IV. Child Physical Abuse (5 hours)
        A.  Physical Abuse (4 hours)
        B.  Effective Discipline (1 hour)
V.  Child Sexual Abuse (10 hours)
        A.  Sexual Victimization Overview (0.75 hours)
        B.  Developmental Anogenital Anatomy (1.5 hours)
        C.  Performing a Sexual Abuse Medical Exam (1.5 hours)
        D.  Findings in Acute and Non-acute Exam of Pre-pubertal Children (1.5 hours)
        E.  Findings in Acute and Non-acute Exams of Adolescents (1 hour)
        F.  Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Context of Sexual Abuse (2 hours)
        G.  Evidence Collection (1.5 hours)
VI.  Psychological Maltreatment (1 hour)
VII.  Child Neglect (3 hours)
        A.  Child Neglect: Intervention and Prevention (1.5 hours)
        B.  Failure to Thrive (1 hour)
        C.  Safety at School (0.5 hours)
VIII.  Human Trafficking (1 hour)
IX. Multidisciplinary Identification and Evaluation of Child Maltreatment (2 hours)            
        A.  Multidisciplinary Identification and Evaluation of Child Maltreatment (1 hour)
        B.  Child Fatality Review (1 hour)
X.  Testifying in Court (1 hour)