ICANHELP - Introduction to Child Abuse and Neglect for Health Professionals in Low-Resource Settings Curriculum

6 hours of presentations and 2 hours of case discussions on diagnosis and treatment of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and intimate partner violence. After co-editing the ISPCAN Curriculum and the One Stop Centre Curriculum, Aaron Miller and Neil Kennedy adapted the medical component of these curricula into the ICANHELP Curriculum. ICANHELP is designed for doctors, nurses, and clinical officers, but is also appropriate for legal and social welfare workers.

Download the original version in English, below.
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Curriculum Materials:
Facilitator Manual
Participant Manual
Baseline Survey

The Curriculum:
  1. Child Maltreatment as a Public Health Issue
  2. Taking a Medical History
  3. Sexual Abuse
  4. Physical Abuse
  5. Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse
     Cases for discussion: Cases 1-4 and Facilitator Notes for Cases 1-4

Additional tools: