Curriculum for Provision of Services for Physical and Sexual Violence at One Stop Centres

Working as a UNICEF consultant, Aaron Miller spent 5 weeks in Malawi working with leaders from Ministry of Health; Ministry of Gender, Children, Disabilities, and Social Welfare; Ministry of Home Affairs; and the Judiciary to adapt BRANCH's ISPCAN child maltreatment curriculum into a curriculum that fits the local context and which also includes domestic violence.

Co-editors: Aaron J. Miller, MD, MPA & Neil Kennedy, MRCPH, MMedSci, DTMH

Goals of the Curriculum:

  • Improve the identification and medical treatment of children and adults who have been physically abuse, sexually abused and emotionally abused.
  • Increase communication, information exchange and networking among multidisciplinary professionals in local private and public agencies and organizations
  • Build and strengthen multi-disciplinary teams
  • Strengthen and expand existing services through more qualified professionals
This curriculum is was tailored for Malawi, but if can serve as a foundation for you to adapt it for your country. It was written and designed in a level of detail that requires that it be delivered in-person by people who have completed the One Stop Centre Training of Trainers . To only read the modules, or to have them taught by someone who has not completed the TOT is not sufficient and could lead to a false sense of comfort and possible under- or over-diagnosis of abuse.

Cases for discussion: Cases 1-4 and Facilitator Notes for Cases 1-4