Developing capacity of Gender-Based Violence Protection Centres across Namibia.

Under the leadership of Generaal Maritz du ToitCommissioner of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, Ministry of Safety and Security, Namibia has 17 Gender-Based Violence Protection Centres, where police, social workers and doctors provided coordinated investigations and care for adults and children in cases of suspected sexual and physical violence. Up to this point, the centres have not had standard operating procedures, and the staff have had limited training in issues specific to sexual and physical violence. 

The Ministry of Safety and Security has partnered with UNICEF to hire BRANCH Founder Dr. Aaron Miller as a consultant for 4 visits August 2017 - May 2018 in order to:

  • Facilitate workshops with leaders each of the partner ministries - Safety and Security, Gender, and Health - to develop Standard Operating Procedures for the GBV Protection Centres.
  • Develop and deliver a Training of Trainers for police, social workers, and doctors to increase knowledge and strengthen collaboration in identification and treatment of sexual and physical violence.
  • Provide mentoring at several of the GBV Protection Centres.
In addition to these above goals, the University of Namibia School of Medicine has now incorporated BRANCH's ICANHELP Curriculum into the curriculum for all Namibian medical students. 

The Gender-Based Violence Protection Centre in Khomas Region: