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Picking up the torch to combat human trafficking

Friday, July 26, 2013

John, sporting his beetlenut smileJohn Mootmag, JD (University of Hawaii Law School, 1996) works for Micronesian Legal Services in Yap, where he provides free legal services for a wide range of issues, from child custody and employee rights to - now - human trafficking.  I met John on my first day in Yap when I trained 30 police officers on the medical findings in sex trafficking.... and he came with us to Palau for the big human trafficking conference.  

Amid all the convoluted relationships between Yap state government, Micronesian federal government, U.S. governmental funding, and Yap's traditional leaders, John is a kind, steady advocate for those who need assistance.  He is determined to take the momentum from the conference and carry it forward with Elizabeth, Leona, Dr. James Edilyong, Aaron Warren (Attorney General's Office of Micronesia), Johnny Santos (Acting Chief of Police of Micronesia), Bravo (prosecutor in Chuuk) and many others from the Federated States of Micronesia.

Powerful people are involved in human trafficking, so it won't be easy, but they are sincere in their desires and have started crafting their National Action Plan to Address Human Trafficking.

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