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Preparing for a Strike at Kamuzu Central Hospital

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Upon my arrival yesterday, I was informed that the staff at Kamuzu Central Hospital - where I'm to begin work this Monday - sent a petition to the government this week, threatening a strike because of the poor conditions at the hospital.

Read the full text of the petition here.

President Banda is still in the process of cleaning up the graft of past administrations, and Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) is one of the places still trying to recover.  Various international organizations also withheld their aid when they learned of the graft, and now the situation is even more dire than it had been previously.  Banda took over last year after President Mutharika passed away, and now it's an election year, with Banda running for President for May 2014.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with Dr. Margot Anderson, a pediatrician who has worked at KCH for a year, to discuss the various contingencies for Monday.  The workers have threatened strike in years past, but this is the closest they have ever come, with five of the clinical officers already having stopped, because the money for their housing was withheld and they have no place to live.

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