Our Published Research and Curriculum Development

Research informs our work and shapes our mission.  Here are several research papers and commentaries written by Aaron Miller and published in peer-reviewed medical journals:

ICANHELP - Introduction to Child Abuse and Neglect for Health Professionals in Low-Resource Settings Curriculum

6 hours of presentations and 2 hours of case discussions on diagnosis and treatment of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and intimate partner violence. After co-editing the ISPCAN Curriculum and the One Stop Centre Curriculum, Aaron Miller and Neil Kennedy adapted the medical component of these curricula into the ICANHELP Curriculum. ICANHELP is designed for doctors, nurses, and clinical officers, but is also appropriate for legal and social welfare workers. See the full curriculum and download it here.

Curriculum for Provision of Services for Physical and Sexual Violence at One Stop Centres

Working as a UNICEF consultant, Aaron Miller spent 5 weeks in Malawi working with leaders from Ministry of Health; Ministry of Gender, Children, Disabilities, and Social Welfare; Ministry of Home Affairs; and the Judiciary to adapt BRANCH's ISPCAN child maltreatment curriculum into a curriculum that fits the local context and which also includes domestic violence. See the full curriculum and download it here.

Stress as a Factor in Family Violence

Miller, A. (2013). Stress as a factor in family violence. UNICEF Research Watch, no. 9/2013

Child Maltreatment Medical Curriculum

Miller, A., Kaufhold, L. (Eds.) (2013). Child Maltreatment Medical Curriculum, New York: Building Regional Alliances to Nurture Child Health.

  • Improves the identification and medical treatment of children who have been abused and neglected
  • Increases communication, information exchange and networking among multidisciplinary professionals in local private and public agencies and organizations
  • Builds and strengthen multi-disciplinary teams
  • Strengthens and expand existing services through more qualified professionals

View and download the Child Maltreatment Medical Curriculum

Educating Physicians Internationally in the Diagnosis of Child Sexual Abuse

Miller, A., Barlup-Toombs, K. (2014). Educating Physicians Internationally in the Diagnosis of Child Sexual Abuse: Evaluation of a Brief Educational Intervention in Malawi. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. Link to Abstract

Empowering Medical Professionals to Help Victims of Trafficking

The March 2011 issue of Journal of Applied Research on Children focused on human trafficking, and Dr. Miller wrote an invited commentary on medical professionals' role in helping victims.  The entire issue can be downloaded here: Journal of Applied Research on Children: Issue on Human Trafficking and Aaron's full commentary is here: Empowering Medical Professionals to Help Victims of Trafficking.

Children's Advocacy Centers and Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse

Miller, A., Rubin, D., (2009). The contribution of children’s advocacy centers to criminal prosecutions of child sexual abuse. Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Journal, 33(1), 12-18. Link to abstract